the hourly rate calculator for solo freelancers and freelancers

A reasonable calculation of your hourly rate is absolutely necessary for your economic success and to achieve a good and satisfied life. The revenue generated by your fees should cover your cost of living, expenses for business operations, taxes and capital accumulation.

By determining your individual hourly or daily rate, you have the possibility to design your later price calculations on this basis. With the Kajy - hourly rate calculator for solo self-employed and freelancers we offer you a simple possibility to determine your hourly rate.

The following article provides a brief introduction to the subject of hourly rates and the calculation of services: Die Stundensatzkalkulation und der Wert des Werks. You can find more information in the webinar Vergütung von Designleistungen I: Stundensatz (Aufzeichnung).

You can find Kajy as a free web-based calculation tool at https://calculate.design in German and English.

Note on tax estimate

Kajy uses a tax estimate based on the laws, guidelines and standards of the Federal Republic of Germany. No guarantee can be given on the result and no tax specialist is spared.

Brief description of the workflow

There are five steps in the calculation of your hourly rate, in which you will be asked for certain parameters and costs.

Starting point: How much do you want to earn per month?
Step 1: Your working hours
Step 2: Type of your activity and calculation of (non) billable working hours
Step 3: Your private cost of living
Step 4: Your operating expenses
Step 5: Your income tax
Result: your hourly rate in EURO/h

Data storage

Kajy is a web application and runs locally in your browser.  Kajy does not save any data or cookies. The usage is completely anonymous.